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    Originally Posted by sonyericss View Post
    i hav like 5 lv 50 pokemons but i still can beat the last gym !! T____T
    and o.g can u lower the catch rates ? its kinda hard to catch pokemons

    and umm can u maybe put sum rare candies in the shop in high prices xD ?? i'd be easier maybe =)

    weeeeehhh!! i just FINISHED the gameee !! its 3:33am in the morning but i couldnt stop playing it hahaha its too good =) and how do u get the hall of fame pic ??
    I'm not sure if O.G. will do that. Maybe he will tinker with the catch rates in EX, but the rare candies are probably not gonna happen.

    As for the Hall of Fame pic, The only thing I can think of is taking a screenshot while you have the Hall of Fame screen up.
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