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    Originally Posted by Xiber View Post
    The same stuff like in the original Crystal, using an Escape Rope (or was it Flash? Meh.) at the place where the scientist is standing.
    This opens a hole, go through a little bit, end up at another hole, fall through -> You are now there.

    I sure hope I didn't describe it too confusing.
    Also, I found another graphic bug at the Lighthouse.
    See Attachment.

    Otherwise, great game.
    Oh okay...
    I didn't design it so that unown's place could be entered but I just move the outer-warp point somewhere else so that you won't get stuck.

    That's not a bug but just a joke

    Well that unown-glitch thingy has been fixed now too and patch file 1.03 uploaded...
    Hope there aren't many other bugs like that which I don't know about
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