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    Originally Posted by kashin28 View Post
    OMG! how can u possibly make this game
    im shocked when i see this game .. i hav always thought of this idea but i never knew theres actually people working on it ! wow..cant wait to play this game
    Seriously, you too can make a game like this, theres a steep learning curve I guess, you first have to learn a programming language, I recommend C++ since the APIs are highly documented and tutorialized. So pick up a book and start reading, its highly mathematical, so I suggest you are done with Basic Algebra and Geometry at least... then you have to learn the API, but with practice, you won't need tutorials, you just learn from the documents and examples that usually come with the APIs. and if you learn C++ it will help you ALOT in other languages too. The ideas are pretty much the same, just think of it as different dialects and accents....