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Okies people, for a nice little Christmas present, I thought i might just go ahead and release an updated version of my ROM base.
It's time for ....Ultimate SInnoh Patch V3.0 woooo!
Okies...there's too many features to screencap...but....

Kyledove is the main source of our tiles
874521 also contributed to the tiles
As well as Wesley FG who's snow tiles i used
There are some tilesets with new tiles
The tileset of victory road has kyledove's cave tiles...
We also have kyledove's and 874521's indoor tiles, i forget which one has tiles where though....
we have....
lab tiles
pokemart tiles
pokemon center tiles
and house tiles


There is a new bike song that has been inserted and looped(the looping is thanks to Aminex, because i tried, and the song never made a sound...O_o)
The other is woodman, which I inserted just for Score_Under and I think that one is like battle3 or battle6 i can't remember which


I'm not the best at mapping, but there have been some maps done for you.
Twinleaf (ignore the eh...tree and surf thingy, just fix it urself, i was testing some stuff...)
Route 201
Route 202
And Snowpoint, so that you guys could see the snow tiles.


Some pallette edits... for example the intro
A battle bg
Lucas and Dawn ow's
D/P fontation afaik
Clean FR patch+hacked engine patch
A worldmap of sinnoh
The ow's include bike,and surfing ow's...
Turtwig,Grotle,Torterra,Chimchar,Monferno,Infernape,Piplup,Prinplup, and Empoleon have all been inserted, except for cries. However, turtwig and grotle's cries are included (i really wanted to release this on christmas..; so yea...maybe i'll update later with the other cries inserted...) but yea, the pokedex, the height, the weight,sprite,icon,pokedex info...EVERYTHING except the cries. Heck, i even got the ev's and base stats from pokemonmarriland. you like?
This is a patch for FireRed.
Download is in attatchments.
wiell...i just copy and pasted the old credits list, just remember to also credit 874521 and wesley fg, but MOP doesn't need credits anymore from my base...cuz his stuff isn't in there....
also, creds to diegoisawesome for the d/p fontation

| If i catch you not|
| Changing the text_|
|On the titlescreen_|
|Or not giveing_____|
|Proper credits, You|
|Will get reported__|

| Kyledove~For most_|
| of the secondary__|
| tilesets._________|
|style textbox shape|
|They made the D/P__|
|tile patch_________|
|mentioned below____|
|MOP~Used a few_____|
|tiles and pallettes|
|From his base______|
|The Blob of Blobs~_|
|Put all this stuff_|
|To gether, made a__|
|Sideways stair tile|
|And the worldmap___|
|The bootscreen_____|
|The titlescreen____|
|The intro pallettes|

|Kyledove secondary____|
|tilesets (and lots of_|
|them)from his rom base|
|The mini tree from____|
|MOP's base, and a few_|
|pallette snippets_____|
|(a few colors, but____|
|pal's 2&3 were copied_|
|completely)My very own|
|sideway stais tiles.__|
|(plz tellz mez what___|
|you think of them :D)_|
|Pearl Gradient on the_|
|titlescreen and intro_|
|bg.An alternate_______|
|colored "Display______|
|Platform" in the intro|
|as well.Has a D/P_____|
|styled shaymin with___|
|the moving guts on the|
|title screen.Also has_|
|a giratina origin on__|
|titlescreen.D/P style_|
|boot screen hack______|
|warning screen.D/P____|
|textbox.My sinnoh_____|
|worldmap updated(i____|
|forgot to include_____|
|twinleaf and route 201|
|tiles on the tilemap)_|
|Then the tileset0 from|
|PHO's D/P base._______|

also, the d/p textbox is no longer in there....

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