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Yes! I finished making all the names and types for my pokedex! Know I just have to draw the sprites for them. Prof. W is helping me alot with drawing the pokemon. If you think of an idea for one of my pokemon, feel free to draw them and post it onto this page
I hope you like it!

Snortar Grass
Boarpig Grass Ground
Tortoplon Fire Rock
Tortoisea Fire Rock
Oysterlash Water
Clamocley Water Ice
Darkail Dark
Darachilma Dark
Floundesc Normal Psychic
Cloudbow Flying Psychic
Toxaslash Poison Steel
Slahapoisn Poison
Illusprit Poison Ghost
Ilusionare Poison Ghost
Spookelloe Poison Ghost
Birdlyca Normal Flying
Redbird Normal Flying
Redzapeek Normal Flying
Shelrock Rock
Stonesnake Ground Rock
Pythonrook Ground Rock
Fistly Fire Fighting
Karateel Fire Fighting
Eelectric Electric Water
Electoeel Electric Water
Ironaromar Steel
Steelstar Steel Light
Dracotone Dragon Psychic
Shiiverbird Flying Ice
Frostwings Flying Ice
Cakey Bug
Cacanya Normal Bug
Butterwing Flying Bug
Muddicroak Ground
Frogtog Ground
Woodieworm Bug Wood
Termitafor Bug Wood
Treemuncha Bug Wood
Pinepox Grass Ice
Christree Grass Ice
Cryssicry Crystal
Crystallto Crystal
Wetwoot Water
Puddlefoam Water Fighting
Darkill Ghost Monster
Monstartue Ghost Monster
Grassil Grass
Plantiin Grass Poison
Floralilks Grass Poison
Farflameed Fire
Torcherra Fire
Flareoke Fire Dark
Fishfash Water
Fishina Water
Puppooti Dark
Howl ’ndog Dark
Mouseoto Normal
Ninjata Poison Fighting
Lethalja Poison Fighting
Starre Ghost Dark
Starihh Ghost Dark
Shilbirdy Normal Flying
Peckliass Normal Flying
Lunarrock SpatialRock
Solarrock Spatial Rock
Burnbab Fire Fighting
Sudashen Fire Fighting
Voltisurge Electric
Harivolt Electric
Steelskirt Steel
Dracin Dragon
Dracinla Dragon Water
Siadragn Dragon Water
Pigun Ice
Penguana Ice
Beebley Bug
Queenibee Normal Bug
Quakely Ground
Earthton Ground
Treetox Bug Wood
Sapbark Bug Wood
Treeopolis Bug Wood
Mushfist Grass Fighting
Punchroom Grass Fighting
Gemgerm Crystal Poison
Metallico Crystal Poison
Bubbly Water
Bubbslebub Water
Monnray Monster Light
Monarchite Monster Light
Spooklit Monster Light
Lizearth Ground Normal
Komodoom Ground Dark
Psycorr Psychic
Psychlii Psychic
Crystalliak Crystal
Lightorb Light
Spookscare Monster
Treealt Wood
Spaciou Spatial
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