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    This is the grass type gym

    1. Aroma Lady Laura Lv. 3 Grassil Poison Sting Lv. 4 Grassil Poison Sting, Absorb

    2. Youngster Austin Lv. 5 Pigletty Tackle, Leer

    3. Gym Leader Greg Lv. 6 Grassil Poison Sting, Absorb, Bullet Seed Lv. 7 Pigletty Tackle, Leer, Bullet Seed, Mud Slap

    Route 3.gif

    This is Route 3. The grass gym leader's wife lives here. She is famous for keeping the whole route floral and pretty.

    Tarmac City.gif

    This is tarmac city, the rock gym place.

    If you go into the green house a man will give you the shell bell or leftovers depending on your starter.
    Water= Shell Bell
    Grass= Leftovers
    Fire= Shell Bell

    The building in the middle of the 3 touching buildings has a little girl that teachers any normal type pokemon the move hyper fang.

    Gym 2.gif

    And finally this is the gym!

    1. CAMPER TONY Lv. 8 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch, Screech
    2. TWINS TOM Lv. 8 Solarrock Morning Sun, Confusion AND TIM Lv. 8 Lunarrock Moonlight, Confusion

    3. HIKER FRANCIS Lv. 7 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch Lv. 7 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch
    4. Person that quotes: "Sorry I can't battle you. A boy with blue hair (rival) just beat me! I haven't had time to go to the pokecentre yet!"
    5. GYM LEADER ROXY Lv. 9 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch, Rock Tomb, Rock Smash Lv. 10 Stonesnake Bind, Rock Throw, Wrap, Rock Tomb
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