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    Originally Posted by Aura Guardian Zach View Post
    Um...There's this trainer on Route 12 that keeps giving this error...I can't get passed him because of it...

    EDIT: I switched my Ralts with Monferno and I got passed him...Now that's weird...

    EDIT2: I found a wild Drifloon and the same thing happened...that guy did use Drifloon...Maybe if Ralts evolves, it'll be fixed? I'll try that...

    EDIT3: Alright it evolved...but it still gets this error when it faces certain Pokemon. I know Drifloon and Snover...Guess I can't use it
    thats a bug that wichu mentioned about. Do not use ralts, kirlia, or gardervoir to fight against Drifloon. For the reason why you didn't get error i think is proly becuz the drifloon the trainer used was the second pokemon. As wichu says, this bug will be fixed in Raptor ex. I'm still waiting for it xDD
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