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  1. *hylian*sakura*+ - log on so we can continue
  2. .Rebirth.+ - you log on so we can continue too!
  3. aurevesque+ - you dont have to nag me!
  4. Black_Lightning+ - said hi to me
  5. Cold Fusion - i dont know you. but i visited your profile. i thought your name was an 8bit reference
  6. Dogboy2709+ - enogh apologizing already, from BOTH of us
  7. Flying Zebras+ - welcome to WOFZ!
  8. Lucent - you didnt reply to me VM... are you still Nat's main alt?
  9. Pokemon_is_awesome+ - newbies to GIMP, UNITE!!!
  10. ~Momo Uchiha~ - O.O why are you here?

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