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Yeah, I never thought those little platforms were safe for battling, especially for someone who uses Earthquake/Protect... Then again, Dakim can't even remember the names of his Pokemon, save for Entei, so I guess you can't expect much from him in the way of common sense. Even if his DAKIM PAWWNNCH! makes up for it XD

And I love Metang's manner of speech Better than Metang/Metagross in my fic, that's for sure, though I still try to go the "mechanical" route.

We all learned what happens when you disturb Mt. Battle's nurse when she wants a rest... utter chaos with little regard for who's officer and who's Cipher ;P

Epic battle against Wes and Dakim, complete with color-blind Golem who rips off his own limbs to attack. Can't beat that

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