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The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were:
  1. Decapitated Goat+
  2. Drizzle+
  3. Eivana
  4. Hiiro+
  5. Kuronoa
  6. Miniryu
  7. Snowwy
  8. vidgamer4+
  9. vSkyzv+
  10. ~Bloodex.+

1. We became friends sometime last month I think. :]
2. One of my best friends here; has been more active recently.
3. Seen around this forum.
4. Best friend here; must not be active right now. :[
5. Sounds familiar, but I am unsure right now.
6. I think I've seen this person before... they might have had a name change recently.
7. I've seen them around PC.
8. We were friends on eachovers' first day here. :'D He's more active right now.
9. I know him.
10. One of my friends here. :D
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