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Originally Posted by Aura Guardian Zach View Post
Um...There's this trainer on Route 12 that keeps giving this error...I can't get passed him because of it...

EDIT: I switched my Ralts with Monferno and I got passed him...Now that's weird...

EDIT2: I found a wild Drifloon and the same thing happened...that guy did use Drifloon...Maybe if Ralts evolves, it'll be fixed? I'll try that...

EDIT3: Alright it evolved...but it still gets this error when it faces certain Pokemon. I know Drifloon and Snover...Guess I can't use it :(
The Trace ability is bugged. As the D/P abilities aren't implemented, some Pokémon have no ability. Poccil's check for this is faulty, so attempting to Trace a Pokémon with no ability gives an error. I'm guessing cadgod's Kirlia has Synchronize rather than Trace.

The glitch is fixed in Raptor EX, though. Speaking of Raptor EX, it's very nearly done. Have some screenshots :P


Everyone loves underwater areas :P But what do the dots mean?

And this was the event I edited. Let's just say that the final battle will be much more interesting :)

A snowy mountain? Where is this?
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