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ROM Hacking had undergone some drastic an stupendous changes in the past year or so, some people have different opinions on what’s happened. 2009’s been a good year because of the changes and advances we’ve made throughout the hacking world. Yet, people think that the standard of hacking is going down. Yet, with all the advances, surely it’s only getting better? Anyway, you’re all tired of me blurbing here, you’re here for the results; right? Judging, here are the results. Nothing else to say, except, CONGRATS TO THE WINNER! Who is..

1st Place Awards


  • Manipulation
  • Anthony La
  • Christos
  • Thrace
  • Okutank


2nd and 3rd Place Awards

End notes

Well, a year of progress and promise in ROM Hacking. After a year like such, surely only bright condolences are around the corner?

Credit goes to Christos, Vrai, Thrace, and Anthony La. Compiled and written by Manipulation.
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