Thread: [Hack of the Year] Results and Judging Round - 2009
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Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
So I bet if every hack was Firre Red style in graphics, we wouldn't have had the nominations we had. Azure deserved to win, and win it did. :3
Oh trust me; I've been through such a time already. Left and right, mediocre mapping, or other terrible FireRed graphics-based hacks. Or a clash and mix of styles. What I'd look for though is a hack that uses a style nobody has used before - preferably one that the graphics designer opted NOT to share with every darned ROM hacker - and then see it executed in the hack in a way that made it really awesome. Until then, any attempts have been mediocre. (This is my own opinion and not of the judges, of note.)
Originally Posted by onyx79 View Post
wtf is azure horizons?
probably the maker had freinds that will vote for him too bad that an hack that no one knows gets the 1st place
The only hack I was remotely aware of before the Hack of the Year was RD:LoG.
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