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The face looks like a fish and he has boobs R/G
Best Sprite ever IMO R/B
Looks so stupid Y
Another awful Sprite, it looks like he's hugging the air S
Eh a alright locking one, much better than the Silver and Yellow G
Looks pretty good C
I hate all the R/S Sprites, and they made him way too light R/S
At least they dulled the color E
It would look alright if the head wasn't the size of a peanut, and it didn't look like it had Clefable wings FR/LG
Looks God awful and they made the color too bright again, almost as bad as it's R/G sprite D/P/Pt
Finally a good sprite after all that time HG/SS

I would have to say my favorite sprite for Nidoking is it's RB sprite.
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