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    Originally Posted by ZodiacDaGreat View Post
    Well, that's one of arguments in favor of Ruby. But now that custom RTC's has been made the one on Ruby sucks So, I'll find the time to remove it in the future and add my own with features such as Day Light Savings :D

    Anyway, I guess the main reason why I used Ruby is because I liked it and I wanted it to be like Fire Red, a lot of you didn't know that when I joined the hacking scene all you see is Fire Red hacks. Making a Ruby like Fire Red is quite a challenge indeed
    Think of it this way, Ruby has:
    *Eevee can evolve in to Espeon & Umbreon
    *Golbat and Chansey can actually evolve (before fighting Elite 4)
    *You can actually breed Pokemon (before fighting Elite 4)
    *A much better PokeDex system (FR/LG is too cluttered)
    *Lots of Free Space
    *An actual Battle Tower (Frontier in Emerald )
    *Mach Bike (the bike in FR/LG is basically the slow Acro Bike :/ )
    *A LOT more map data, since most hacks don't really use Secret Bases
    *More music for different Trainer Classes (for instance, Team Magma/Aqua Grunts have unique music, unlike Team Rocket in FR/LG)
    *More music in general (Even MORE in Emerald)

    What does FR/LG have? Well:
    *Four World maps

    Yep, that's pretty much the only advantage in choosing FR/LG over R/S/E. I still don't see why many people hack FireRed, hacking Ruby or Emerald seems more ideal to me.

    Zodiac, is there any particular reason why you choose Ruby over Emerald? Because I'm assuming that the Battle Tower will be in this game, but the R/S Battle Tower only has Pokemon in the Hoenn Dex. If you choose Emerald, you can have an entire Battle Frontier, and Pokemon sprite animations in battle, and when you battle a Team Aqua/Magma Grunt, the team logo appears, which can be hacked into a Rocket logo to make it even more epic. I know it's too late to switch now, but I'm just wondering why Ruby was chosen over Emerald.
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