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    Originally Posted by Freak A View Post
    Ok people I have a very BIG anouncement for ya'll


    we only have to do 38 sprites (thts a lot) and only 1 maps eventing left till the demo.

    The new decade will start with the opal gem like shining demo playing in your computer.

    lol, Freak, every time i let you do an announcement you mislead people. XD
    We have at least 38 more fakes to be designed for the whole game..
    About 50 Fakemon will be in the demo.. (that's pretty much half)
    And yes, 1 map. err.. right? XD
    Anyway, don't get too excited, we won't be able to fit any of the features into that place. Unless I think something up.


    Do any of you have a mic? If so, you have a chance of becoming an Official Alpha and Beta Tester to Pokémon Opal..
    What I need is for you to tell me. I need some people with mics(of course, I don't have one) to make Pokémon cries for Opal. Why? The demo is almost ready!!!
    Don't know how, right? Go here plz! I really need halp. D:
    btw, about 50 Pkmn will be in the demo.. and one gym..
    After beating the gym, you'll just have to wait. You won't be able to go anywhere else cuz ur strandehd! :D
    Thank you.
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