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Here is the story I created for an hack. I don't work on one, because I dont have talent on it. Ok, you can get the story for your hack if you wish! Just give credit or tell me if you used my story ok? So, lets speak about it.

Your name is Yellow and you live at Coolwind Town with your father, your mother Alice passed away when you were just born. Team Rocket infiltrated the town one day to steal Prof. Robert's special Pokémon- a Pikachu! Prof. Robert gave you the Pikachu, so Team Rocket won't steal it. This Pikachu has special powers, and is extremely strong. Then the world gets wihout its balance after Team Rocket steal the powerful Pokémon that gives balance to the world. Pokémon are now starting to fade away to the world and Yellow needs to get the eight element stones, and take it to the Peak of the World Tower to help save Rayquaza the balance Pokémon, and its other Pokémons that controls the world, Kyogre and Groudon.

That is my story. Is it nice?
Please give your feedback to my story! Thank you =3