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    I'm just going to put it straight: I throughly enjoyed the demo.

    The events were intriging. Kept up the excitement without being too fast. And as I walked through the towns, you had me worrying (and anticipating!) what would happen to Id next.

    The sidequests piling up at the beginning seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but I soon found that the ways in which they were completed were entertaining. Especially the rewards, I certainly didn't expect to get a chance to trade for a Pokemon.

    I also liked the story, the cut off word at the end of the note in the beginning was actually quite disturbing, (in a good, suspenseful way.) The characters were quite a bit interesting themselves. The one I find the most interesting is Lilah, with her casual speech and unexpected antics. Aster was a great addition, his personality contrasts with Id's seemingly dimmer one.

    On that note, I'd like to reccomend that you give Id a personality on par with Lilah's. I think I'd make their confrontation much more interesting. (I'm imagining a sort of exchange of threats, that sort of thing.) Id doesn't seem (in personality) like much of a convincable criminal to me. (It might make the authorites confused of Id's motives.) Perhaps it would be more believable to make Id seem like something of an Anti-Hero. Maybe he or she could be a deadpan snarker with the occational psychotic smirk. Or maybe Id feels a bit uncomfortable around normal people because he/she has a mostly robotic body. Don't get me wrong however, an innocent or high-spirited character is great too; a contrast to Lilah.

    Also, one question. Is "Id" referring to the Psychological term? If it is, then I'd like to say I named my Ralts "Ego." Haaa...

    All in all, I really like how Identity is turning out. It's so fun, I can hardly wait for the next two chapters! Keep going with it!
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