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    Alright, I will answer everything so it will make sense, allright?

    Alright I think you are correct by letting the player choose its name. Sorry XD
    Prof. Robert gave the Pikachu to Yellow(or the name that the player chooses) because the character is a Gym Leader's cousin(before you ask, the Gym Leader is Lt. Surge, that trains electric Pokémons)(lol tree-based prof XD) and has raised a little Pichu when a child.
    The Pikachu is special, really. It was raised to be strong and is extremely rare.
    At Pokémon Emerald, Rayquaza lives at the peak of some Sky Tower(I dont remember its name), so it would make sense. TR steal it and the Pokémon can't control the sky.
    Also TR steals Kyogre and Groudon, that can't control the seas and the ground.

    Can I make a more detailed story? Thank you!

    The player needs to save the world from destroying. TR are stealing the three legendaries, and then making the world getting wihout its control. Wihout Rayquaza in its habitat, the sky and wind are starting to blow away weak Pokémon, making those Pokémon fade away. The seas are getting too harsh wihout Kyogre controlling it, and is starting to make storms and tsunamis, making many people die while sealing away. And the ground is making earthquakes, and TR is trying to join those three Pokémons together to create a powerful Pokémon, and then make revenge with the people who tried to beat them up. So that is somewhat different from the anime storyline. But TR ends up by making those three Pokémon fade away. The player needs to get all the elements to revive the three Pokémon and give back peace to the world. But now the Gyms are not Gyms, they are caves, some of them are shrines and some are temples. And there is not a Gym Leader there. You need to battle with a Pokémon, not a leader. After you beat those Pokémon, they leave you a element, and how? They drop their element. There should be a timer to run away from the dungeon, or the Pokémon will run after the trainer to get the element back, and yes, you can RUN! Some people have missed Pokémon, and you can get them back to the persons, and they can reward you with an TM, berry or even an egg. The element you caught allows you to use its power to pass by places, but you need to teach an Pokémon the HM needed. That's it.

    How did you liked it?
    Thanks for your critique, it was FUNNY!