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Nice game idea! It is simple, but fun. I hope you finish this game, and it may turn out into a great game to play. Does you have a female custom character too? Im a girl, and I play with them. If not, I suggest getting one made. Remember there are some people that likes the female character to play, way more than the male one. I rate many games that does not have the female one simply 4 stars. It is not the bestest ones. Your game really deserves to be the hack of the year. Congratulations!

My Rate: 4 Stars
Why four stars: The game story is somewhat classic, not so many ideas, but that is not poor work! It may be way better than mine, but remember that the idea of Pokémon Trainers getting havoc is a classic of some PokéHacks! Sorry for my critique. I know you worked hard.

My Feedback: Great
Why great: You should edit some of the story. The Pokémon Trainers havoc is classic, and why don't you edit some more of the map? I mean, it could be a little more edited, and not so simple, but, you don't need to do it if you don't want to. However, the game is great and somewhat fun.

Afterall Speak: It is a sucessfull game!
Why: It has everything organized, a great but classic story, and a cute character! Congratulations!!!

Good luck with the game!

I made the fanbar for your game.
How is it? Is it great?
Thank you.