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    Originally Posted by Moltres111 View Post
    Pretty much all Yellow sprites sucks a.. i'm not going to say that, but they are really, really bad. I mean, they may LOOK cool, but the coloring is just sad. I mean, yes, it is Pokemon Yellow, but that doesen't mean EVERYTHING HAS to be yellow! Jeez Nintendo, what's up with the yellow people, the yellow pokemon, EVERYTHING YELLOW?

    Yellow must be the stupidest pokemon game ever. Especially since you start with Pikachu and you can only catch bugs, a flying type, and normal types that early. Seriously.. were you supposed to beat Brock the same way as Ash did in the anime? I don't think so. How did you do it?

    Anyway, Yellow sprites may have looked good, but the coloring was lololololololololololololololollolololololololololfail.

    ^ Examples of Pokemon that are not infected with yellow. =]

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