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Originally Posted by Pika Pika Chu
Prof. Robert gave the Pikachu to Yellow(or the name that the player chooses) because the character is a Gym Leader's cousin(before you ask, the Gym Leader is Lt. Surge, that trains electric Pokémons)(lol tree-based prof XD) and has raised a little Pichu when a child.
Its not about wether the player has connections to Gym Leaders, but how much protection they can give the Pikachu. Raising a small Pichu in peace and safety of your home town would be completely different to constantly evading Team Rocket and protecting it. I'll restate what I stated in my last post - The tree-based Professor has made a poor decision to give a beginning trainer a rare and powerful Pokemon that shall decide the fate of millions.

I can actually see the trainer collecting the Pikachu from the tree-based Professor later on in the game once they have proven themselves, especially if there are dire circumstances (e.g. TR is attacking the Lab or something), but I cannot fathom the player recieving the Pikachu as a starter Pokemon.

The Pikachu is special, really. It was raised to be strong and is extremely rare.
Which would make it even more likely that it would be given to an experienced trainer. If you're going for realism, it could overule the player's wishes since it is so strong and confident in its abilities - Just think about the Anime Pikachu when Ash first got it: It refused to listen because it knew Ash was weak and knew comparativly little about Pokemon.

Giving the Pikachu to Lt.Surge would actually be a good option, considering that he is one of the foremost Electric-type trainers and he has an Uber Raichu :3

At Pokémon Emerald, Rayquaza lives at the peak of some Sky Tower(I dont remember its name), so it would make sense. TR steal it and the Pokémon can't control the sky. Also TR steals Kyogre and Groudon, that can't control the seas and the ground.
Yes, I knew that Rqyquaza was ontop of Sky Tower in R/S/E, but if you read the bolded-underlined-italicised text in the quote, you can see why I'm having problems understanding why Rayquaza is still lazing around on the top of towers.

TR is trying to join those three Pokémons together to create a powerful Pokémon, and then make revenge with the people who tried to beat them up.
I think you're misunderstanding the business plan of the game-version Team Rocket. Most people like to portray Team Rocket as a mafia-styled group, seeking influence in the businesses of the region they are in. Revenge has never been factored into their plans, and if you look at their capers in the games, controling distrupting the world has never been their primary motivation.

Their goals? Lots of money. Their desire? Even more money. Why do they do the things they do? Money, money, money. Where is the money in a decimated and scarred world?

That's just about all I can say for your first idea.

The player tells its aunt his problem, and its aunt have a chat with the family, the player's family decides that he can go on its journey.
Then why try to stop them in the first place? It seems like you're adding unecessary drama. Unless nothing spectactular arises from having an argument with your parents (e.g. seeing a ledgendary for reasons beyond my explanation), or there are no repercussions to be felt in the middle of the story, I'll have forgotten all about it once I've stepped foot in Route 1.

In this game, the objective of the trainer is not to build a Pokémon encyclopedia with the PokéDex, but to win the league of the Aurore(the region that the trainer starts its journey) and become the Champion.
The rest of your post isn't really a storyline, but I felt that I should comment here.

That's basically what every Pokemon game is. Nobody really cares about completing the Pokedex unless it is absolutely necessary to go beyond a certain point (e.g. Once you've beaten the E4 in FR/LG, you need data on at least 60 Pokemon before you can do stuff on the islands) or they are sad and need to complete it for bragging rights just like me D: