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    Lol, beta requesting for new upcoming, haven't posted fic. XD

    Title of Story: NG-137 Synthetic Integration
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: Essentially a revamp of The Chronicles of Neo Groudon, NG-137 is a 3rd person POV that focuses on Phaiel, who is somehow merged with a Groudon by the Infinity Conglomerate. Can he return himself to normal, who is this ‘Ostile’ that keeps popping up everywhere, why was he made, who is he?
    Genre: Science Fiction (really science-y and stuff so please have at least a basic understanding of science), Horror (real gore people), Adventure, Supernatural (limited but present nonetheless).
    Rating (PG, R, etc): Rated R.
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive, but a Grammar beta-reader is needed if unavailable.
    Writing sample of story:
    Dr. Amadeus was tired. Tired because his business trip to Switzerland had left him drained mentally and physically. The wrinkles on his old face were more pronounced than they would normally have been. His eyes were closed, and his arms rested on the hand-rest at the side of his seat. The white suit, which he usually wore on business trips such as these, was, as usual, extraordinarily clean. There wasn’t a speck of dirt to be seen anywhere. The suit, which gave off an aura of perfection and class, was in fact cheap, and had just been spruced up here and there to make it look acceptable. He didn’t really believe in designer clothing. To be frank, he didn’t really care for suits much either. There really was no point to corporate brown-nosing. He only wore the suit because it was crucial for him to maintain an air of professionalism in his line of work. What would the public say if they saw him, the founder of the Infinity Conglomerate, wearing short pants and a white t-shirt? He didn’t really care what people thought either. It was only for show anyway.

    He sighed and looked at his hands. They were wrinkled and old. He was only fifty years old or so, but he felt much older than that. It was probably the result of his work. Age was catching up fast.

    Other: I’ve been writing for a few years now, but my first language is not English so I have trouble being original in my usage of words. Help with that is much appreciated.
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