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    Well,I'm not sure if this thread is legal.But if this thread is legal,this forum will be one of my favorite forum

    Most hack time,we use trainerbattle command only as trainerbattle 0x0 and trainerbattle 0x1.

    But there's also an interesting trainerbattle,as trainerbattle 0x9,which is used for battle teaching.

    It used just like:

    trainerbattle 0x9 0x148 0x3 0x818DDEA 0x818DE1A
    from FR US 0x1692F3.

    This battle is interesting not only because it teaches you how to battle,but also because if you're defeat,you won't be white out.The battle will finish and you keep the script.While trainerbattle 0x0 and trainerbattle 0x1 won't let you go on your script.

    Does anyone interested in this?And how to make a trainerbattle that can also go on when the player is defeat?Or even in a wildbattle?


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