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    Intro:The Warden sat at his desk, back turned to the rest of his office as he stared out through the massive fishbowl window that backed the room. Dark water was all that looked back, at this depth there was no light, and no life. A young Rocket stood behind him, unconsciously playing with his tie as he waited for his boss to acknowledge him. In his arms he had a fat vanilla folder overflowing with papers. The Warden spun his chair around and gave the Grunt an icy look. The rocket gulped, no matter how many times he saw his superior he could never get used to his appearance. His body was a suit of robotic armour, gleaming in the artificial light. His scarred face was mostly clear of the steel armour, excluding two metal flaps that had lens to cover the Warden’s eyes. In the area where his heart should have been, a Ditto floated in a glass dome, looking bug-eyed out at the Grunt.

    “What have you got for me Victor?” the Warden grunted out in a strained tinny voice. His breath wheezed through artificial lungs. The Rocket Grunt put his folder down on the desk and took a seat opposite from his boss. He shuffled around to find a comfortable position as the Warden stared at him with fraying patience.

    “Some profit expectations for the next month, seems that everything will be going up due to the new competi-” The Rocket started before the Warden held up his hand, showing a long tube that tunnelled through his arm. The Ditto in his suit reacted and surged through his suit with breakneck speed into the pipes that lined his master’s body. Instantly, the pink goo formed a Kabutops scythe and shot from the Warden’s hand, resting the blade beneath the Rocket’s throat.

    “I don’t care about profit margins you worm, get to the point and say who our new trainers our! I shuttled the old group out the air lock, now there’s nothing left but some very flat faces,” The Warden spat threateningly at Victor. The young member pulled at his collar awkwardly, leaning up to avoid the Warden’s sudden claw. He shuffled around for his folder and pulled out six individual files. The Warden’s scythe turned back into pink slime, his Ditto slinking back to the dome on his chest. Victor felt it looking at him, and knew at any second the Warden could order it to send out Tentacruel tentacles, Electivire tails, or give the Warden the head of a Sharpedo. The man was a weapon, and an abomination.

    “Seems like we’ve got some good ones this time Victor, send my regards to Giovanni for picking some good trainers this time around. I hope they last longer than the rest. You can go, I’ll send the newbies the rules over the intercom,” the Warden grumbled, then waved his hand in dismissal. Victor slid out of the office, picking up his disarrayed folder in the process. The Warden picked up his intercom mike and pressed the button for his submarine in transit.

    Six trainers sat sullenly and in silence as the submarine took them to who knows where. A voice crackled over the intercom suddenly. “Trainers, I am your Warden. You are currently on a submarine that is taking you to a Team Rocket facility called the Gladiator Prison. We hold battles between trainers for the entertainment of a wealthy audience. You have been selected by an expert to be those trainers. I hope they were not too rough when you were kidnapped from the Viridian Gym. There are only a few rules you have to follow, so listen up, I’m not one to repeat myself.

    Rule #1-You will never leave the Gladiator Prison, any escapes attempts will lead to immediate extermination.
    Rule#2-You will have to battle another Trainer who is with you now once a week. If you lose two battles, we will take one of your Pokemon away and sell it on the black market. You will have an opportunity to catch others in our training area, but you will never see that Pokemon again.
    Rule#3-You cannot enter the east side of the Gladiator Prison.
    Rule#4-You must obey me and all Rocket members at any time or else we will have to discipline you severely.

    That’s all the rules, and so long as you obey them we’ll get along famously. The six of you and your Pokemon will be treated well, our facility has good dining, a gym, spacious living quarters, and even an area with wild Pokemon to catch or train against. Thank you for your time, and remember; I will be watching you. You may be hesitant to participate in our program, but think of what you have to lose.” The voice shorted out in a burst of static, leaving the trainers alone with their silent terror as they drifted into the submarine dock of their watery hell.


    Welcome to The Gladiator Prison! Thanks for taking the time to read through the introduction. I will only be accepting 5 people, so I’ll be fairly picky in my choice of members. I will not be choosing by order of post, but on quality of sign up.
    Every Sunday, I will post match-ups between all of the six members in pairs of two. These are the match-ups for the battles that you will have to complete weekly over PM, and then send the whole thing to me. I’ll post an example of how I want the battles to go when we start.


    1) No bunnying unless you are given permission from me.
    2) All spam should go in the OOC thread which will be up once all the sign up spots are full and we begin.
    3) No Flaming
    4) BE ACTIVE! This is the big one! This shouldn't die if we have dedicated members, so please consider your forum activity before signing up!
    5) Use proper grammar and punctuation in all posts. I will evauluate grammar in the sign ups, if its a couple mistakes Im fine, but try to proofread.
    6)If you can't get the battle done on time, please contact me so I can work out a solution.
    7) Have fun! And to insure that you've read the rules, include this phrase in your sign up please! "Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."

    Name: First and Last please.
    Arena Name: The name that Rocket will use for your character during the battle. They will use codenames, sort of like pro wrestlers, to advertise your trainer. The Rockets let you choose, aren't they nice?
    Age: Try to keep it over 16, but I'm loose about this.
    Gender: If there's more than two options here, PM me with details.
    History: Two or three paragraphes here, anything ground breaking in their lives, maybe some family information, hometown, Pokemon journey until the kidnapping, etc.
    Personality: A paragraph or two here, include mannerisms, character traits, how they go about regular social conduct, etc.
    Appearance:A paragraph for this segment, just cover all the basics, skin and hair color, height, build, clothing etc.
    Pokemon: Have 5-6 powerful Pokemon, with 4 moves and a sentence or two explaining their individual personalities included. I want type diversity and reasonable moves. Try to think of moves that could link together well, like Swords Dance and Slash. This roleplay is relient on the Pokemon having feelings and emotions as well as being for battle. Remember, after losing two battles, your character will lose a Pokemon, make they ones you start with count!
    Hobbies: Just a point form list of what your character enjoys.
    Forum Activity: This is just saying how often you're on PC.
    Theme Song:This is just for fun, if your character had a theme song, what would it be? (This doesnt have to be Pokemon related in any sense)

    Here's my Sign-Up to pose as an example

    Of all the roads I have to walk the winding

    Name: Shaelin Porter

    Arena Name: Rogue Rouge

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    History: Shaelin Porter was born the youngest of three brothers and a sister. Her father left when she was still a baby, leaving her mother to fend for the family alone. Her oldest brother, Perry, was 15, and he took on the fatherly role her family was missing as her mother worked two jobs to put food on the table. As Shaelin grew up, hungry and alone in her crowded house, she felt a need to change her situation. When she was six years old, she pulled off her first con, that she copied from a children's show. She had her older sister make up fake forms to have cookies delivered to buyers homes, payment in advance of course. She went door to door and ended up making a considerable sum. When her mother discovered this, she instantly forced Shaelin to return all of the money she'd stolen. But Shaelin was already hooked, she was an infant con artist, robbing innocent people all over Mauville City.

    Her mother tried everything within her budget to stop her daughter from stealing and tricking people out of money, and eventually stumbled upon the idea to get Shaelin a Pokemon. Unfortunately this backfired, Shaelin suddenly had a partner in crime, a Sentret she nicknamed Tricks. With cute charm and honeyed smiles they got away with cons on a weekly basis. Then one day she caught on to something even more addicting then conning, with an even bigger rush. Pokemon battles. Perry and another of her brothers had gotten jobs to help out around the house, giving Shaelin more time to train. She caught a few more Pokemon, and eventually mustered up the courage to ask her mother to leave for her journey. She practically threw Shaelin out of the door, she wanted to see her criminal daughter try to make it for herself, and she did.

    Her Pokemon journey started with her challenging Watson of the Mauville Gym, her home town. After an even battle, Shaelin Porter was the proud owner of a gym badge. But she wanted to travel, and decided she'd had enough of Hoenn, and set off for Kanto. She took the gym challenge there by storm, gathering more Pokemon until she had a powerful set of six, and six gym badges. But heading into the Viridian Gym, she was gassed, and locked into the submarine heading to the Gladiator Prison with the other trainers.

    Personality:Shaelin can be charming, sweet, and innocent, if she wants you to trust her. She may have given up villainy (for the most part), but she's still cunning and devious. Shaelin Porter only has her own interests at heart, and rarely gets attached to people. She will try to make friends with people, but only to try to get something out of it. She's manipulative and can be very cruel. She always has an angle no matter what she's doing, and can be cutthroat when she defends what she believes is hers. She's charming and flirtatious, she tries to stay on peoples good sides even when she has a hand around their wallet. She's sarcastic and snide at times, and has a very short fuse. She usually tries over-elaborate plans, and they occasionally back-fire. Its gotten her into trouble quite a few times. She's vain and egotistic, and loves to get her way.

    Appearance: Shaelin's not a big girl, 5"5 at the most, and extremely thin. She has very pale white skin and bright orange-red hair, cut short so it flips out from above her shoulders. She's cute but not what most people would consider beautiful, with light blue slim eyes and a daring smile. She wears a red leather coat that goed down to her knees, with a black shirt underneath and loose fitting black pants. She wears functional red boots, and black gloves with no fingers. She keeps her Pokeballs on a belt around her waist.


    Furret:Hyper Voice, Sucker Punch, Iron Tail, Charm
    Furret is a lot like Shaelin, she's a charmer, but a complete kleptomaniac. But just around Shaelin she's loving and helpful. She's not Shaelin's strongest Pokemon, but she's her first and her personal favorite. Her nickname is Tricks.

    Honchkrow:Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Icy Wind, Faint Attack
    Honchkrow is a joker, he's always cackling when he sees something he finds funny. A notorious food moocher and a lover of shiny objects, he's a reliable Pokemon that Shaelin calls on often for her battles.

    Lapras:Hydro Pump, Sheer Cold, Refresh, Signal Beam
    Lapras is a powerful, beautiful, and extremely narcissistic Pokemon. Its not rare for her to freeze water just to look at herself. She prides herself on self-improvement, so its easy for Shaelin to train her. She's Shaelin's most powerful Pokemon in battles.

    Nidoqueen:Toxic Spikes, Crunch, Earth Power, Poison Jab
    Nidoqueen is a very tempermental Pokemon, its not hard to keep her happy, but when she gets mad, she gets very mad. But she's a very compassionate Pokemon despite that, she cares a lot about Shaelin and the other Pokemon. She's not a super strong Pokemon, but she's getting tougher fast.

    Luxio:Discharge, Night Slash, Scary Face, Ice Fang
    Luxio is one of the newer members of Shaelin's team. He's a go-getter, super determined, and he'll never quit. But he's inexperienced and can rush into things. She trains him a lot, and he's soon to be a powerhouse on her team.

    Mime.Jr:Mimic, Psychic, Fake Out, Barrier
    This one is a chip off the old block. Mime.Jr is a trickster, he loves to mock other people and taunt them. He has a special bond with Honchkrow, they get along very well together. He's weak in battle however, Shaelin has been trying to get him to focus but he won't see much battle time.

    Hobbies: She enjoys listening to music, writing poetry, jogging, reading mystery novels, and getting up to no good.
    Forum Activity: Im on pretty much every day, but for varying amounts of time, depending on schoolwork. I should be able to post at least once every day, and keep battles running smoothly.
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