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    Well here's an updated story :
    You start off in the town of Woodbark. However, when you go outside of your house, you see Prof. Treebark being cornered by a Team Rocket Grunt! He tells you to choose one of the Pokemon in his lab. You choose from Treecko, Charmander, and Totodile. Then you go out of the lab and have to beat the grunt with the Lv.3 Rattata. Then Treebark tells you to keep your new pokemon and take on the gym challenge. After you defeat the
    fourth gym leader, two Rocket Grunts come in and attack you and the leader! After you do a double battle against them with the leader, you follow them to Barnico Tower, and there you challenge the rocket leader for the first time! Then after he is defeated, team rocket retreat from the tower, and things go normally untill after the seventh gym, where
    you and your rival infiltrate the Rocket HQ. At the second last floor you're rival rushes ahead of you and climbs the stairs. When you head up, he has been beaten by the leader of team rocket, and then you challenge the leader for the second time. After he
    is beaten again, he leaves, saying something about a backup plan and Mt. Mohr. So you and your rival head of to Mt. Mohr, your rival staying ahead. At the peak, you meet up with your rival and the champion. Then the rocket leader uses a slowbro to confuse the recently summoned Lugia, and then you're plunged into a third battle against the rocket leader. After you win, you battle Lugia, controlled in another trainer battle, but you are able to heal before. Then Ho-Oh comes and battles Lugia, and Lugia snaps out of it's confusion the leader used to control it, and ties with Ho-Oh. Then they fly of, and the rocket leader gets angry and sends two rocket admin at you at once, but your rival aids you
    to battle them. Then everything goes normally, until after you beat the E4 and Champion, but I haven't thought of post main storyline stuff yet.
    (PS. The reason Team Rocket takes control of Lugia is because they're desperate to beat you so they can go back to their well... stuff they do. And to rob you)
    My early hack screen of Mt. Mohr

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