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Well, I finished the beta and I have to say that it's one of the best storylines I have seen, and the execution is just great. The scripts are really variated, not over the top and never any more than the necessary. Please don't stop this, because it would be a great loss.

About the lack of pokémon with Cut, you should add some more Odissh, Rattata, Bellsprout, etc. Simple enough for a forest.
And I have to say a thing: I love the great number of healing spots. There is only one thing more annoying than games with overleveled pokémon: games with overleveled pokémon where, after beating a helltrainer in a cave, you are forced to spend 5 minutes walking back to the "nearest" pokémon center just to find out that there are still a lot of helltrainers waiting for you. Not like your trainers have specially strong pokes (in fact, I think the guys from the sewers could work with a couple more of levels, but I'm a lazy bum so better ignore this suggestion, the weaker the easier it is to keep progressing XD).

Also, the "End of beta" sequence is by far the most awesome I have ever seen. In my life. Period.

But since I'm known by my beta-testing pickyness, have a few errors:
- The tile behind the character is wrong.
- You might want to move the ladder a tile up. The character appears to be jumping on the rock.
- Sadie or Jennie? Name mistake here. EDIT: I think you already caught this one XD
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