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    Now don't you all start making Pokemon Mars/Venus/Mercury versions now in imitation of Jupiter...
    why not a Pokemon Earth/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto version?

    just kidding

    Originally Posted by Hark! It's the Ferryman Charon View Post
    In order to do this, you'll have to change Sappy's equavalent
    of a ini file (sappy.txt). Where it says Golden Sun, you can
    replace AGSE with AGFE, then switch the table offset (which is
    0x80FC70C, I think for GS; TLA's is at 0x81C4530). Anyways,
    after setting those in the sappy.txt file, open up Sappy 1.6
    and load in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Go to the song you want.
    Here's a nice table for you with my totally awesome song
    On my Sappy, the "INI" file is an XML document.
    And that means I can't use the "ELF" method, 'cause I can't edit XML documents.
    How do you either turn it into a TXT, or get the 1.6 version?
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