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    Well, I've just thrown away a few hack ideas, but this one is too good to trash in my opinion.

    1000 Years in the past, warriors used mystical jewels to capture pokemon and battle wars, using those pokemon. Now you, the newest recruit to the army is getting their first pokemon, a choice of Charmander, Totodile and Treecko, and now you're being sent of to conquer the rest of Trandor (the continent the game is set on). First you must conquer the nearby town of Yamine, with your pokemon. Yamine is nothing out of the ordinary, just a small town of little significance. You are attacked by the guards, but beat them easily without even using your pokemon, just your sword. Then the captain (your rival) confronts you with a lvl 5 Pikachu. After winning, you return to the city, and to your king. He is impressed with your victory, and you can nickname your pokemon. He gives you an encylopedia to fill, and 5 mystic gems. Then you set off, to conquer all.