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    ArmageddonAsh Trading And Breeding Centre

    Welcome To My Updated Trading and Breeding Centre
    The rules are Simple :

    1. I dont want Hacks
    2. All my Pokemon Are Legit (As Far As Im Aware)
    3. Please Be Patient, I will get Round To You
    4. All Offers Be In The Thread, I Will Not Respond To PM Offers!

    New Rule : All Pokemon That You Are Offering Me MUST be HACK checked!

    Please Help Me Find Hackers!
    I Was traded following Poke, but i cant remember who it was Has anyone seen someone
    offering the following poke on there thread or Anywhere else on here?

    EV Wishmaker Jirachi lvl 100 Hasty Nature :Iron Head, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch : (Had Pokerus) Stats :
    My Updates
    I will add anything New Here

    Update : Added new Legends, updated completed trades
    Pokerus Update: Want Pokerus? I Can Give It To Any Pokemon - Make A Offer

    Events :

    Distant Land

    Shiny Raikou lvl40 Timid Nature : Rain Dance, Leer, Quick Attack, Thunder
    10th Anniversy

    Raikou lvl 70 Hardy Nature : Quick Attack, Spark, Reflect, Crunch

    VGC :

    Shiny Milotic Level 50 UT Timid Nature : Rain Dance, Recover, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind

    GameStop :

    Gamestop Pikachu Coloured Pichu lvl50 UT Jolly Nature : Charge, Volt Tackle, Endeaver, Endure
    Gamestop DeoxysLevel 50 UT Gentle Nature : Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, ExtremeSpeed, Iron Defense

    Wish Maker :
    WishMaker Jirachi lvl 18 Impish Nature : Wish, Confusion, Rest, Swift

    Wifi :
    Jap Wifi Mew lvl 5 UT Jolly Nature : Pound

    Space Centre
    Space Centre Deoxys lvl 75 Rash Nature : Rock Tomb, Recover, Psycho Ball, Psychic (Has Pokerus) (OT : Space C ID : 00010)

    TRU Arceus lvl100 Adamant Nature :Judgement, Roar Of Time, Special Rend, Shadow Force
    TRU Shaymin lvl50 UT Mild Nature : Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Subsitute, Energy Ball

    Saikyou :
    Jap Saikyou Milotic lvl100 Bald Nature : Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Recover, Surf (Had Pokerus) Stats :336/159/239/226/292/215 (OT : *Jap Text* ID : 12157)

    ALAMOS :
    ALAMOS Darkrai, Level 50 UT Bold Nature : Bad Dreams, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Hypnosis, Nightmare

    The Legends
    Manaphy lvl 1 Mild Nature : Tail Glow, Bubble, Water Sport
    Shiny Regice lvl 100 Bold Nature : Ice Beam, Lock-On, Toxic, Zap Cannon (Pokerus Infected) Stats : 310/104/258/236/439/151
    Shiny Latias lvl45 Mild Nature : Recover, Refresh, Mist Ball, Psychic
    Shiny Latias lvl 100 Timid Nature :Calm Mind, Dragon Pulse, Surf, Recover (Had Pokerus) Stats : 293/152/204/318/290/350
    Raikou lvl52 Timid Nature : Thundershock, Shock Wave, Quick Attack, Spark
    Shiny Darkrai Modest Nature : Quick Attack, Hypnosis, Pursuit, Nightmare
    Shiny Heatram lvl70 Sassy Nature : Scary Face, Lava Plume, Fire Spin, Iron Head

    Dragon Trio :
    Dialga lvl 70 Calm Nature - Roar Of Time, Heal Block, Earth Power UT
    Palkia lvl 70 Modest Nature - Special Rend, Heal Block, Earth Power, Slash UT
    Girantina lvl47 Sassy Nature - Ominous Wind, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw, Shadow Force UT
    Shiny Girantina lvl70 Modest Nature : Shadow Force, Heal Block, Earth Power, Slash

    Lake Trio (Duo At Moment)
    Azelf lvl50 Brave Nature : Swift, Uproar, Future Sight, Nasty Plot
    Uxie lvl50 Relaxed Nature : Swift, Yawn, Future Sight, Amesia

    Weather Trio (Uno AT Moment)
    Rayquaza lvl71 Brave Nature : Extreme Speed, Rest, Outrage, Dragon Claw
    Shiny Rayquaza lvl100Jolly Nature : Dragon Dance, Outrage, Earthquake, Overheat (Had Pokerus) Stats : 354/399/204/288/212/308

    Tower Duo (Uno At Moment)

    Ho - Oh lvl 51 Rash Nature : Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Swift, Fly

    My Non - Trades :

    Shiny Magicarp - Thank You So Much TwilightBlade ! ! !
    Shiny Lickitung - Thank You So Much ~RNC~ ! ! !
    Shiny Charmander - Thank You So Much ~RNC~ ! ! !
    Shiny Slowpoke - Thank You So Much ~RNC~ ! ! !
    Shiny Scyther - Thank You So Much Genji ! ! !
    Shiny Mudkip - Thank You So Much Genji ! ! !

    My Shiny
    Ekans lvl18 Jolly Nature oison Sting, Bite, Glare, Sceech
    Militank lvl 1 Mild Nature : Tackle
    Zangoose lvl18 Adament : Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Slash
    Metagross lvl55 Lax Nature : Iron Defense, Agility, Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash
    Charizard lvl39 Jolly Nature : Slash, Fire Fang, Earthquake, Fly (Pokerus Cured)
    Jap Gyrados lvl 53 Lax Nature :Waterfall, Substitute, Dragon Dance, Bounce (Pokerus Cured)
    Weepinbell lvl 50 Bald Nature : Gastro Acid, Razor Leaf, Slam, Wring Out
    Steelix lvl 28 Naughty Nature : Rage, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Slam
    Phione lvl 1 Rash Nature : Bubble, Water Sport
    Absol lvl 1 Quite Nature : Scratch
    Growlithe lvl 1 Rash Nature : Bite, Roar
    Feralightar lvl55 Lonely Nature : Bite, Ice Fang, Crunch, Aqua Tail (Pokerus Cured) 252 in special Attack, 252 in Attack and 4 in speed!
    Stantler lvl52 Lonely Nature : Role Play, Zen Headbutt, Imprison, Captivate
    Pichu lvl 21 Quiet Nature : Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Sweet Kiss, Nasty Plot
    Cranidos lvl 20 Mild Nature : Focus Energy, Pursuit, Take Down, Scary Face

    My Current Pokemon :
    These are my Main used Pokemon
    These unlike the others would require
    a better offer as i am using them

    Alakazam lvl 29 Timid Nature : Kinesis, Confusion, Disable, Pysbeam
    Gengar lvl 28Careful Nature : Mean Look, Curse, Night Shade, Shadow Punch
    Ivysaur lvl28 Hasty Nature :Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Sweet Scent, Growth
    Wartortle lvl20 Brave Nature : Bite. Water Gun, Ice Beam, Surf

    These Two Are Only Because They Are Too High A Level And Ignore Me Most Of The Time

    Weavile lvl62 Brave Nature lash, Beat Up, Strength, Ice Shard
    Japanese Shaymin Sassy Nature : Energy Ball, Sweet Kiss, Healing Wish, Seed Flare

    My Trade list :
    Japanese Lucario lvl84 Lonely Nature : Flash Cannon, Shadow Claw, Aura Sphere, Close Combat
    Blissy lvl 22 Docile Nature : Rock Climb, Refresh, Softboiled, Strength
    Roserade lvl 32 Mild Nature : Cut, Grass Knot, Giga Drain, Stun Spore
    Regice lvl 40 Lax Nature : Icy Wind, Curse, Super Power, Ancient Power
    Registeel lvl 40 Brave Nature : Curse, Super Power, Metal Claw, Ancient Power
    Eevee lvl20 Hardy Nature : Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Growl
    Flareon lvl16 Relaxed Nature : Tackle, Ember, Wish, Curse
    Jolteon lvl14 Modest Nature : Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish, Curse
    Ditto lvl 98 Lonely Nature : Transform (Has Porkus)
    Clefairy lvl 17 Rash Nature : Sing, Double Slap, Defense Curl, Follow Me
    Geodude lvl 7 Lonely Nature : Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Smash
    Togepi lvl 1 Hardy Nature : Growl, Charm
    Bonzor lvl 14 Lonely Nature : Confusion, Hypnosis, Imprison, Confuse Ray
    Buneary lvl12 Hardy Nature : Pound, Defense Curl, Foresight, Endure
    Meditite lvl 13 Brave Nature : Bide, Meditate, Confusion, Detect
    Luxio lvl18 Quiet Nature : Tackle, Leer, Charge, Bite
    Onix lvl 9 Lax Nature : Tackle, Rock Smash, Bind, Screech
    Ponyta lvl20 Modest Nature : Growl, Tail Whip, Ember, Stomp
    Starly lvl 4 Mild Nature : Tackle, Growl
    Machop lvl17 Quiet Nature : Leer, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Forsight
    Harppiny lvl11 Hasty Nature : Pound, Charm, Copycat, Refresh

    Pokemon Fossils :
    Any Pokemon Fossils i get will be added here

    TMs :
    All TMs i get will be added to this section

    Number 06 : Toxic
    Number 09 : Bullet Seed x 2
    Number 10 : Hidden power - Pokemon Dependent
    Number 11 : Sunny Day
    Number 12 : Taunt
    Number 27 : Return
    Number 28 : Dig
    Number 31 : Brick Brack
    Number 34 : Shock Wave
    Number 34 : Sludge Bomb
    Number 39 : Rock Tomb
    Number 40 : Ariel Ace
    Number 43 : Secret Power - Environment Dependent
    Number 45 : Attract
    Number 46 : Thief
    Number 47 : Steel Wing
    Number 50 : Overheat
    Number 55 : Brine
    Number 60 : Drain Punch x 2
    Number 62 : Silver Wind
    Number 63 : Embargo
    Number 64 : Explosion
    Number 65 : Shadow Claw
    Number 70 : Flash x 2
    Number 76 : Stealth Rock (All Sold Out)
    Number 78 : Captivate
    Number 84 : Poison Jab
    Number 86 : Grass Knot
    Number 87 : Swagger
    Number 90 : Substitute
    Number 92 : Trick Room

    Evolution Items :
    Any evolution stones i find will be added to this section

    Leaf Stone
    Water Stone

    Other Items :
    Any Other Items I Find Will be added here

    Damp Rock - Increases Rain Dance Duration
    Heart Scale x 2
    Soothe Bell - Makes Holding Pokemon Friendly
    Posion Barb - increases Poison attacks
    Exp. Share - Pokemon Gets share of EXP, Even if its not Involved In Battle (Gone)
    Amulet Coin - Doubles a battle prize money, if holding Pokemon Joins In (Gone)
    PP Up
    HP Up
    Rare Candy x 3


    Rawest Berry x 1
    Persim Berry x 1
    Lum Berry x 1
    Figy Berry x 1
    Pinap Berry x 2
    Yache Berry 1
    Rowap Berry x 1

    Breeding :

    i have a Ditto so i plan to start breeding
    as i am new to this dont expect major amazing things
    I now have access to Smeargle so i will be able to more Egg Breeding
    if you are after a specific Egg Move Let Me Know and i might be able get something done

    Kanto Starters :

    Charmander With Egg Move : Flamethrower
    Squirtle With Egg Move : Surf and Ice Beam

    Johto Starters :

    Chikorita (soon)
    Cyndaqui With Egg Move : Flamethrower

    Hoenn Starters


    Sinoh Starters :

    Piplup With Egg Moves urf and Waterfall

    Great Marsh Breeding :


    Others :

    Bagon (Very Soon)
    Magby (Soon)
    Elekid (Soon)
    Pikachu (Soon)
    Ryhorn (Soon)
    Goldeen (Soon)
    Groagunk (Soon)
    Snover (Soon)
    Munchlax (Soon)
    Mine Jr (Soon)
    Larvitar (Soon) - MAYBE with Egg Moves : Dragon Dance, Outrage and Stone Edge
    Tyrougue (Soon) MAYBE with Egg Move Bullet Punch
    Gible (Soon)
    Houndour (Soon)

    IV Breeding :

    i have bred a Charmander with stats of : 12/ 6/ 6 / 6 / 6 / 6
    looking at some IV calculator and i got : 21 /31/ 30/ 30/ 31/ 30

    So i might start looking into IV training, dont expect too much
    to start with, though the Charmander was good i dont know
    how well others would perform i am going to breed others
    and see what stats and what possible IV stats i get
    for them

    Spreading Pokerus :

    If you want i can also give the starter pokemon Pokerus
    or any other Pokemon that you trade with me
    or you can make an offer for me to give Pokerus to one
    your current Pokemon

    Wanted :

    Check My Sig For What I Am After!

    My Completed Deals :
    All My Completed Deals Will Go Here

    Moltres111 Eevee + Fire traded for TM Taunt
    Moltres111 Eevee + Thunderstone For TM Grass Knott
    Moltres111 Bagon For TM Stealth Rock
    iSuckAtPokemon Totodile For TM Stealth Rock
    Tommyhtc Treecko and Turtwig for driftloon
    Tommyhtc Piplup for Armour Fossil
    TwilightBlade Shiny Marikarp for Amour Fossil
    RocketExec Squritle for Chikorita
    RocketExec Charmander for Cyndaquil
    RocketExec Shiny Stantler For Pokerus Infected Treecko
    Vibrant Areodactyl For Pokerus Infected Cyndaquil
    charroboo Elekid For Squirtle
    charroboo Magby For Charmander
    xxAshxx Japanese WIFI Mew For Japanese Paradise Shaymin(Cloned)
    Neck-Suma Snover Munchlax, Mine Jr, Kangaskhan and Cranidos For Tirtwig,Piplup,Aerodactyl,Shieldon & Flareon
    Fall Tiger Regice For Treecko and Totodile
    xxAshxx Shiny Mystery Mew For Dialga(Cloned) and Palkia (Cloned)
    Ed.b(at) Registeel For Charmander
    Ed.b(at) Rayquaza For Pokerus Infected Balbasaur
    Calder Shiny Cranidos And Shiny Pichu For Squritle, Sheildon and Cyndaquil + Amulet Coin
    locofredd Deoxys for Registeel
    locofredd Ho-oH For Porygon With Up-Grade
    Sworn09 Lucario For Squirtle
    Sworn09 Charmander For Blissy
    Sworn09 Bulbasuar for Roserade
    Cole25 Gible and Rydon /w Proctor For Pokerus Infected Charmander
    Eurydice Shiny Bronzor and Magikarp for Cyndaquil and Totodile
    NotoriouzElmo Latias Milotic and Raikou For Pokerus infected Totodile and Cyndaquil
    Thomtaniel Pikachu Coloured Pichu For Pokerus Infect Charmander
    Rockman01 Shiny Phione, Shiny Absol and Shiny Growlithe For Regice
    KumaKi Shiny Steelix, Shiny Weepinbell and Manaphy For Jap Mewtwo and Squirtle
    Kenjin ALAMOS Darkrai and GAMESTOP Deoxys For TRU Arceus and GAMESTOP Pichu
    LiveWire Shiny Regice For Jap Shaymin
    Tommyhtc Shiny VGC09 Milotic for Jap Saikyou Milotic
    Moltres111 Shiny Charizard and Shiny Jap Gyrados for WIFI Mew and Squirtle Egg
    DargoniteAirMail Cacturne for Pokerus infected Magikarp
    Alamos Darkari for TRU Shaymin, Sunny Day, Over Heat, Iron tail, Brine, Hail, Sludge Bomb
    Johnny16 Tru Arceus For Shiny Evee /w Water Stone and Shiny Eevee /w Solar Beam
    KumaKi 10th Anniv Raikou, Shiny Girtina, Metagorss and Heatran For Shiny Latias
    The Opera Ghost Shiny Balbasaur For Shiny Bronzor

    Good Traders :
    Anyone i think Are Great Traders Will Go Here

    Everyone Above!

    Bad Traders :

    Anyone I think are Bad traders will go here
    that includes anyone trading Hack, being impatient or using bad language

    So Far None...

    Potential Bad Traders :
    These are on the list for trading hacked pokemon and will need to speak with me
    they can either go on the Good List (if they are innocent) or they will go on the Bad list (if they knew they were trading hacks)

    So Far None...


    My Shiny Wanted List :

    Pidgey lv1 Ability : Tangled Feet Move : Brave Bird
    Nidoran (M) lv1 Ability : Poison Point Move : Poison Jab
    Poliwag lvl1 Ability : Water Absorb Move : Dive
    Espeon lvl?? - As Low As Possible, Under lvl10 With Zen Headbutt and Psychic
    Murkrow lvl1 Ability : Super Luck Move : Brave Bird, Perish Song
    Piplup With Brine And Ice Beam
    Torchic With Heat Wave
    Pikachu With Volt Tackle
    Squirtle With Dive And Aqua Ring

    75% of Pokemon gamers use cheats and specially made codes to make their pokemon battle-worthy. If you are one of the 25% percent that level their Pokemon up legally, put this in your signature.
    My Game : Pokemon Platinum
    My Friend Code : 0474 8946 2169
    My Pokemon Trade And Breed Centre (Click) Latest Additions : Added More Tm, Items and Berries
    My Shiny Wants List (Click)

    Do I Have A Trade Waiting For Me? Let Me Know, I Might Have Forgotten
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