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    Originally Posted by Gator99 View Post
    does any one know which flash cart runs HG/SS the best?
    I think almost every flashcard runs HS/SS. Some require patching or the use of cheats, others (the ones getting updated - M3iZero f.e.) don't require any prepatching or the use of cheats. The anti-piracy gets patched when the game loads/runs.

    Originally Posted by ajs6393 View Post
    I was wondering is it possible to replace sprites yet on hg/ss i know that some people have been able to replace lugia sprites, and dialga sprites.
    I was wondering because I recently made a ash's squirtle sprite sheet, but I have no knowledge of hg/ss hacking to upload this.
    You can change the Pokémon sprites with PokéDSPic (Platinum) if the first post is correct:
    Originally Posted by First Post (D-Trogh)
    Actual Pokémon Sprites (The NEW ones) are stored in a/0/0/4; 4 being a NARC archive and it uses the Platinum encryption.
    For the OWs you can use PokéTEX (in combination with TileMolester for quicker editing).
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