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    I've been planning out a story for my hack for a while, despite my lack of actual progress on it, but I'd like to get some opinions on possible features I might include with it. I'll start out with my general background introduction that I created a while ago (I wrote this in OP style, but I'll probably be going back and making more changes to it later).


    The Terramont continent was once a pristine wilderness of lush forests, craggy peaks, and calm coastlines. It was home to countless species of Pokémon, and held rich secrets beneath its rugged terrain. It was the frontier of exploration and adventure, until the first settlers from Kanto began to erect towns and villages. Along with them came the practice of taming and training Pokémon.

    Years later, long after the fall of Team Rocket and Team Galactic in other parts of the world, the societies of Kanto and Johto began to slowly decay as decades of prolonged Pokémon catching and heavy human development threatened to turn the continents into industrial wastelands. In response to the growing urgency of environmental preservation, the leaders of the Terramont region agreed to put restrictions on how many Pokémon a trainer was allowed to own, and heavy industry and advanced methods of transportation were banned from the region. Once again, the region seemed close to recovering its former wild beauty, but it was not to last.

    The collapse of Kanto’s battle system sent trainers from other continents into a wild panic. The long-established tradition of training Pokémon was at the brink of complete disintegration, and the only hope for its survival was to find a new place for trainers to hone their skills. With no other alternative, trainers began to flood the Terramont continent. The rules of the region were strictly enforced, but it was not long until the cities became famous for their competitive scene, and Terramont became the epitome of Pokémon battling in the world. Now, with Terramont succumbing to a weakened infrastructure and crumbling society due to the battling frenzy, a radical minority began to oppose the course of events taking place in Terramont, and vowed to restore the world to its proper state without any trace of Pokémon battling. When they make their decisive move is unknown, but signs of their rebellious activity have been growing common, and passionate supporters for their cause have been rapidly increasing in number, so it is only a matter of time…

    ~Quick Notes~

    To clarify the time, it says "long after the fall of Team Rocket", but in reality it's no more than 6 or 7 years after the events in FR/LG. The story does take place in the same "dimension" as the other games, as well as the anime itself, due to some recurring characters I put in. I tied it all together, albeit with a few holes and loose ends probably, but it should be good enough. The main question in the story that creates conflict will be the whole "Is Pokemon training/battling a sustainable and ethical activity, and should it be continued?". I always think of it as a realism-meets-Pokemon idea. After all, with all those roads and factories, and virtually everybody you meet being a Pokemon trainer, you gotta wonder sometimes how it all holds together. I suppose I'm also an environmentalist in that regard. ;p

    Anyways, the plot will also feature a broad variety of characters, each with their own distinctive personality, purpose, and story. I've spent immense amounts of time putting together the motives for their actions, as well as the character development they experience throughout the story. If anyone's ever played a Tales game, I'm truly shooting for something of that depth and complexity.

    There is no "team X". The system of rebellious individuals is small, secretive, and (unbeknown to anyone, including the player) has some powerful connections. Oops, spoilers! Anyways, at one point in the plot there will be a complete plot twist, so to speak, that would not only divide the citizens of the continent onto one side of the fight or another, but would also bring some of the main characters over to the other side as well! Scandalous, isn't it. But my point is, I'm avoiding cliche Pokemon plot devices as much as possible, so I'm pretty sure you can count on an exciting and fresh story.

    Quick edit: One last thing, yes there is an equivalent of the "8 gyms" thing, and without the context of the plot, this might seem like a typical "beat bad guys while beating gym challenges" sort of thing. But I'm trying to change that as much as possible. I'm adding a lot more to the challenge, such as adding in puzzles, scavenger hunts, etc., and reducing the actual "boss battle" to just a small part of what you have to do. Besides, by time you approach the 7th and 8th gyms, the plot is so intense that the system pretty much falls apart and any elements of a "gym challenge" are lost anyways.There is no "Elite Four", but instead a post-climax league tournament. At this point, it's just for kicks. I'm rather fond of "final showdown with rivals" events, so just to top off the gym-like structure of the first part of the game, there needs to be an appropriate ending. Sorry to those that expect something radically new from a good plot. I just wanted to bring some elements of the Pokemon games and the anime together into one final, epic climax. That's all. o:

    ~Features to Consider~ (if you're going tl;dr, this section is really all I'm asking for)

    These are obviously not the only things I am including to make this hack unique, but they're a few ideas that I've had in my head for a while that I can't make a solid decision on. Please note that each one of these is already tied into the story, so if I did end up implementing them, they would all have explanations to go along.

    Limit maximum number of Pokemon owned to 6. I already thought of a system to release Pokemon, but this is essentially taking out the role of PC boxes altogether. I would probably facilitate the actual catching and training process somehow, but I want the player to be able to focus on the story more, rather than spend most of their time grinding levels and earning money (which I'm sure we've all done one too many times in Pokemon games). I'm actually pretty decided on this, but I just want to hear some other opinions.

    Player as a Character. This would include first-person dialogue, character personality and development, and virtually a complete de-customization of the player, which is why I'm hesitant to go through with this. Same concept as a Tales game or any other role-playing game, really. So the gender and name would probably be fixed as well. I would keep the player's ability to make some decisions, and maybe add some other customization features, but mostly the player would be stuck playing as another person. While this is radically different from most Pokemon games, it really does add a whole new dimension to the plot. Since I'm practically storytelling with my "deep and complex" plot, perhaps playing as a character within the story itself would be a unique addition? I've just had this brilliant concept of an antihero for a while, which is one of the only reasons why I'd be willing to fight hard to get this approved by others. But besides that, I'm completely undecided on this, so I need some opinions.

    Limited Transportation. Due to some plot devices, Fly will not be available until the climax of the story has been passed and the character enters into the epilogue-like phase. A bike, raft, and a few other primitive tools would probably all of the transportation available to the player. A boat would connect the player to the ports, which are limited (there's 2 real ones, plus a location which could have dock access) but dispersed evenly throughout the continent. Other than that, the player would usually walk on foot, although I would set up the plot and world map so that huge amounts of doubling back would be unnecessary. Any thoughts or ideas on this? (I promise I won't make each route a hell of tall grass and/or long caves)


    I think that's just about it. Thanks for any input! It's greatly appreciated. If you have comments or questions about any other part of my story so far, feel free to add them. I'll eventually have a complete outline of my story available to those that are interested, and I already have a significant amount of progress made on that, but I'm trying to avoid spoilers in this topic.