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    I was having thoughts of releasing a demo of what the game is like with the starterkit.. Maybe I'll make a demo I'm not sure..
    The game is currently undergoing massive changes, I've decided to put Pokemon Essentials Starter-Kit in the bin.. It was what I had originally envisioned for the game, but I just don't want this game to fall into the same category as any other fan-game.
    I've come up with a new battle system that will change the whole feel of the game, and I've also modified an already-excellent engine for displaying the map (it will incorporate the 8-way movement in a unique way ;)). This time I know we will stand out here!
    Of course all of the maps will stay relatively the same and the storyline still hasn't changed, we're making the pokemon series in a game here.
    A couple of things are going to need to be slowly scripted in (like the pokedex, menu's and message windows) due to the binning of the starter-kit, but I'm cool with it.. You know any offers to help would be greatly appreciated, but I have the power to do it myself and I will continue to prove it if necessary.
    Currently we're still testing for lag, and I'm working on the battle system, and this is indeed a setback but it's provided a much better experience so far.
    You just wait till I show a screen of the new engine ;)

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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