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    1. >Feelings< | And you are who?
    2. Accursed | Seems to be a person who thinks I'm annoying. (Not sure how that's possible considering I've only seen you once)
    3. Blue_Drifblim | See 1.
    4. Charizard632 | See 1.
    5. Derozio | I recognize you. How well I recognize you isn't that good.
    6. GreenGyarados | See 1.
    7. Miniryu | WILD PERSON WHOM I HAVE AN "Unrequited relationship" with.
    8. Ray Maverick | YOUR NOT REY! THIS IS BLASPHEMY, MADNESS! ... SPARTA! See 1.
    9. SPEEDIE | See 1.
    10. THIRTY-SIX | Is probably going to send me a PM telling me to change my name in the coming days.

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