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    1. Arcanine - Probably was looking to hand out the 2010 emblem to people who doesn't already have it.
    2. Candy Cane Forest Elf.+ One who can appreciate good anime.
    3. Derozio+ CSS student. -looks down-
    4. Jordan+ Jooorrddaannnn <3
    5. Misty4Life+ Wasn't here on Wednesday. .O.
    6. Natsu-kun+ I visited her profile first.
    7. PerlaNemesis+ A friend whom I've gotten to know better over the past month. ^^
    8. Went+ Guy who randomly VMs peeps.
    9. Wish+ Guy who likes to do left-wing stuff.
    10. xXI JOE IXx+ One who gets offended when called a fanboy.
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