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    Originally Posted by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™ View Post

    Lets pump the brakes.

    First off. The buttons I used look quite different from yours. I note yours has a smooth gradient for one, and mine does not. On top of that, here is my scource for the buttons. Talk to spaceemotion if you think he took yours. In fact, talk to nintendo, looks like they took your icons as well.

    That being said, I am going to move into the color arguement.

    1. Gray scale has no intellectual proprietor.
    2. Gray scale is not even a color scheme really.
    3. An option to choose a colored GUI is most certainly not your intellectual property, if I were to think otherwise I would state that your idea probably stemmed on another game around here. *Raptorahem*
    4. Squares do not have any intellectual proprietor either, and despite that they will change to something else rather soon, if you really feel like you need credit for clickable squares then so it shall be. Check the first page

    If you still, really believe that I took your icons and your idea of a clickable square, then please take it up with an admin. I will not argue further in this thread about the matter.

    It's completely fine, thanks for explaining it further though. It just seemed to similar to me (same gradients, color tone, and overall design). No credit is needed, and you do with your stuff whatever you feel like doing. I won't argue and really really like your interface I like that the whole window looks so shiny and smooth, but you might have some serious issues carrying out your idea.

    Once you start working into it (don't know if you already have) you might stumble upon a serious, and really serious lag issue. Because you have put in so many graphics and images, which will need to be updated, it might cause serious lag during gameplay, and within other interfaces. The big benefit of not including mouse functions and things like that, is that it is easier to make it lag free, but from what I see, you will need really smart coding and very few update loops to keep the game running smoothly. Just a word of advice.

    Once sorry if I really bashed you, just wanted to clear things up. So far it seems like good work.