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Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
It's completely fine, thanks for explaining it further though. It just seemed to similar to me (same gradients, color tone, and overall design). No credit is needed, and you do with your stuff whatever you feel like doing. I won't argue and really really like your interface I like that the whole window looks so shiny and smooth, but you might have some serious issues carrying out your idea.

Once you start working into it (don't know if you already have) you might stumble upon a serious, and really serious lag issue. Because you have put in so many graphics and images, which will need to be updated, it might cause serious lag during gameplay, and within other interfaces. The big benefit of not including mouse functions and things like that, is that it is easier to make it lag free, but from what I see, you will need really smart coding and very few update loops to keep the game running smoothly. Just a word of advice.

Once sorry if I really bashed you, just wanted to clear things up. So far it seems like good work.
I am honestly not too worried about lag at the moment. This is purely conceptual work at the moment and anything is subject to change. It looks like a lot to take, but I have e feeling it should be fine, I can reduce the image weights to help a bit.

Only one way to know for sure, and that is to make it

Small update.

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