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    Nameless Sprite Editor [Classic] is now open source.
    Source Code in Attachments
    NSE was a good program, feel free to make it better...

    Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


    A tool used to thoroughly edit the sprites in Pokemon GBA ROM's
    Region Support: Universal

    This tool is currently written (from scratch) in: VB 9.0 and as such requires the .net 3.5 framework or higher
    The Official Guide

    • Edit the sprites stored in the ROM
    • Re-size sprites
    • Re-point frames
    • Find free-space when re-pointing
    • Change the sprites palette index
    • Import/Export sprite library's in a *.nsl file (Stores Frames and Palette)
    • Undo/Redo
    • Toggled canvas grid, palette grid, transparency
    • Displays where frames and palettes are stored
    • Change the ROM's header and name
    • The ability (when in advanced mode) to turn off boundaries (palette, frame, index)
    • Bitmap imports and exports
    • Compiled as a single exe
    • Palette editing
    • Viewing sprites how they are stored in the sprite table
    • Offset Browsing(Display and edit an image stored at an offset, palette offset and gray-scale, bitmap import and export capable)
    • Stored universal "unknown" bytes
    • A basic, built in hex-editor
    • A built in bookmarking system
    • Adding Frames
    • Changing what type of animation a sprite uses
    • Compressed image and palette editing
    • Image reference re-pointing (Currently only for compressed images)
    • Replaces old images (after a re-point) with free-space
    • A plug-in system; commands
    • Saving Image or Palette to any offset
    • Draw mode (Re-sizable brush and Paint-bucket!)




    -Release 1.75 -
    Includes NSL editor
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