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I really don't understand this "too square" thing you guys keep talking about. Just look at a normal Pokemon game. They don't follow these imaginary codes of conduct that you guys are applying here. They're just as square.

I can't remember the last town I went to where the houses were distributed _in a chaotic, random pattern_ by the contractors. I'm pretty sure when people build towns, they follow a blueprint that places those houses in the most efficient patterns possible to allow for the most area; in other words, my game having square towns is actually more "natural" than the imaginary standard people here seem to have.

If you're arguing that I should break from this "Nintendo" style of mapping, well I'm sorry but that's just how I prefer to do things. To be honest, I don't like everyone's attempt to be realistic (since this IS Pokemon, why exactly are you trying to make it like reality?) This fixation on how the maps look is, to me, a secondary priority. I would like to just HAVE maps made and HAVE scripts written before I start worrying about how "pretty" I make everything look. (And honestly, when you play a Pokemon game, are you playing it for how "pretty" it looks?) The day will come when I polish Pokemon Rose with things like DP Poke Centers, custom made trees and palettes, and so on. It's not my top priority. My top priority is to make Centiq exist first before making it exist in small chunks. To me that seems to be why most rom hacks fail to be completed; their creators worried about it looking -just- right and basically spent all of their time working on the first few parts of the game; burning themselves out, they lost interest in finishing their game and it became like so many other games--incomplete and forgotten.

That's not what I want to have happen to my game. I understand people like games to use something other than the FR tiles/maps. If you guys would like to help me change that, I would love to receive your assistance in doing so! =)

An aside about Pokemon Rose and its story that I'm going to hide in a spoiler:

Pokemon Rose will be a trilogy. This first hack will have game canon characters, more or less as a way to help give a sense of the complexity of the later stories. I won't use Team Rocket, etc in a second or third hack should I do them. Expect many new characters and groups to pop up in future releases!
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