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    Originally Posted by |Maximus| View Post
    This isn't a hack. It is a game being made in RMXP.

    Well if you like those, prepare for the new ones

    Alright, so ANOTHER update.

    1st off, I am now planning on editing the first post. It will include some CSS and a very cool layout. (Hopefully)

    2nd, I have completely revamped the graphics. Hehe just kidding, it's not COMPLETELY.
    So, um yeah let's hit the screenies!

    1)The gym is likely to change.
    2)Um...nothing much to explain
    3)Pallet Town is still being improved.

    EDIT: Ugh! I hate it when photoshop makes the screenshots into .JPEG
    Whoa... Nice tiles! I really like them... Can't wait for a demo!
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