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    Name: Lloyd Anderson
    Arena Name: Epoch
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    History: Lloyd came from a difficult family on the outskirts of Pewter. They often neglected their house work, and if Lloyd didn't cook, there was no food for that meal. Despite this, Lloyd worked to overcome it. He didn't work to keep the house completely clean, considering his three brothers were quite messy, but he did keep garbage off of the floor at least. His family often picked on him for being the most picky. But he didn't mind. He truly was the black sheep in his house.

    He found his first pokemon on his first day working for the Pewter Pokemon Center. He was a Janitor there, so he was usualy in the building after normal hours. He was sweeping the foyer of the building when a distraut trainer came running in.

    "Help!" She shouted at him, "My pokemon is hurt!"

    He quickly called Nurse Joy from her living space in the building and she took care of the rest. He finished his job before he could find out what happened with the trainer, and when he returned the next day at his usual time he found a pokeball on the main desk with a note from Nurse Joy.

    "Dear Lloyd," It read, "The girl from last night insisted I give this pokemon to you. She said he'd be better off with you."

    "Okay then," he said to no one, picking up the pokeball. He looked over it, only to find that it was a standard pokeball, red on top, white on bottom. Nothing special about it.

    He decided it would be better to wait until after he was done working to see what was inside. But his mind raced with the possibilites of what was inside. His most prominent hope was that it would be a pokemon that could help him with cleaning his home, like a Machop or something.

    As he locked up the building and made sure the emergency button outside the door was, he took out his new pokemon.

    "Well," he told himself, "hopefully it's not a Wailord or something." He was distracted for a little bit with the physical impoosibilites of a Wailord fitting in such a small space like a pokeball, wondering how they could invent something that could fit a giant inside something so small. But he soon forgot about the thought and let the pokemon loose.

    After the initial red flash dissipated he heard a small bark, and looked upon his new pokemon.

    "A Poochyena!" He said, just excited that he got a pokemon.

    After a few months with his Poochyena, he decided to become a trainer. He left on his fourteenth birthday.

    Personality: Upon first glance Lloyd would seem quite shy. He is usually alone with his pokemon, and when he isn't he doesn't talk much. But he is just quite, usually preferring to talk only when asked a question. However, he is quite talkative when alone with his pokemon, which he usually lets roam free of their pokeballs, because he thinks of them as part of his family, and they return the sentiment.

    These traits don't seem very fitting for a trainer, sure, but he is a true fighter. When in a battle he takes on a whole new form, becoming a determined and strong fighter. He doesn't mind so much if he loses, but he'll do anything aside from cheating to win. He has this same mindset when it comes to other things, such as cooking, catching a pokemon, and training said pokemon.

    Oddly enough, however, he enjoys Hard rock music.

    Appearance: Lloyd is taller than most of his family, standing at a near six feet. He is quite lean, but due to his training journey, he isn't just skin and bones. He usually wears jeans and a t-shirt, showing the lightly tanned skin on his arms. He normally wears a wide brimmed hat over his thick, black hair, but he has been known to trade it in for a smaller pokemon he may have caught recently. During the summer he commonly wears a pair of sunglasses, hiding his hazel eyes. During the winter he trades his t-shirt for a long sleeve with a hoodie over it. His shirts are usually a solid color, but they are never the same color two days in a row.


    Mightyena: Bite, Taunt, Roar, Shadow Ball.
    Mightyena is a loyal pokemon. He is only in his pokeball when Lloyd is forced to put him in it, and never is more than three yards from Lloyd if he has the choice. He is somewhat of a loner, enjoying being alone with Lloyd the most. He greatly enjoys battling, which is what encouraged Lloyd to become a trainer.

    Scizor: Bullet punch, X-scissor, Slash, Agility
    Scizor is quite sociable, often caring for the new pokemon whenever Lloyd catches one. She raised his Eevee almost on her own, her maternal instinct kicking in when Lloyd found the small pokemon in the woods, badly beaten by something. She often flies not to far overhead Lloyd, wanting to keep an eye on him. She only battles to protect her friends, but she is willing to participate in friendly battles if Lloyd asks her the right way.

    Flareon: Fire fang, Flamethrower, Rest, Iron tail.
    Flareon is the Eevee Lloyd's Scizor rose. He is lazy and timid, usually enjoying to sleep in the company of his adoptive mother. He learned Rest as a joke. Lloyd had beaten a trainer and recieved the rest TM. Wondering which of his pokemon to give it to, the choice seemed obvious when he saw his Flareon sleeping immediately after the battle. Despite his shyness, he is a battler just like Lloyd.

    Sableye: Shadow sneak, Shadow ball, Confuse ray, Zen headbutt
    Sabelye fits easily into his species stereotype. He enjoys tricking people using his natural abilities, incuding his family. He usually wins battles by confusing the opponent and using Shadow sneak to take them down. He gets along well with Lloyd's Flareon, oddly enough.

    Teddiursa: Scratch, Slash, Dig
    Teddiursa is Lloyds latest catch. Scizor has taken him in just like she did with Flareon, and he gets along with Flareon very well because of this. Despite being small, he is a capable combatant. Utilizing his Dig technique to sneak up on his opponent to take them down with a Slash attack. Lloyd is dreading the day he evolves, however, considering it will be hard to travel with an Ursaring in tow. But until then, he is happy to play with his newest pokemon. And Teddiursa greatly enjoys playing.

    Hobbies: Cooking, reading, drawing.

    Forum Activity: Usually once a day, no specific time slot however.

    Theme Song: Everlong- Foo Fighters.

    This sounds cool.

    EDIT: I did read the rules before hand, I'm just forgetful. "Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."
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