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    Originally Posted by Helltech View Post
    I tired to search for this but I kept getting results for other games.
    I'm playing Brown All the screenshots and videos I see of the game are in color, but mine is in Black and White? How do I change that?
    Also I need help with some items, that I assume are evolution items. What are these used for...


    What do you do after the Elite4? I get to a guy that tells me I need a National Pass, but I don't know where that is?
    I have no clue about the Gold Leaf but in later games, the Mushroom/Pearl/Rare Bone/BrickPiece are just items you can sell like nuggets. No-one currently knows if they have any function beyond this in Brown.. The Coronet Stone evolves Magneton.

    After the Elite 4, the only place you have left is the Final Dungeon, which is in the house to the left of the Department Store in Hayward City.

    Originally Posted by carlos8900 View Post
    what do i do after i beat the first two gyms????? i went to the city were i got runing shoes n i went all over the map and cant find what to do next
    If you're playing Prism, that's as far as you can go in the current beta.