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    Originally Posted by Fraot View Post
    Ok... but with the specular map thing, I tried yo explain you something. The metal part of the mallet shines more than the metal part from the real one(I think it's not very noticeable on those screenshots); there're things which on the real world don't shine, but in the videogames, they do shine or they SHOULD shine. Maybe your pyramid wont shine, but certain types of materials will(rusted metal, polished stones).
    I get what you mean. In Perfect Dark Zero, for example, just about everything shines. At first I was like "what the ..." , but then "looks cool though"
    sometimes is not enough to change the screen color tone.
    Of course not. I was thinking of a sun billboard attached to a light which moves in a circly path and changes color depending on the time of the day, skydome gradients blending from one to another depending on the time of the day and blending to night texture when sun goes below horizon, only 'close' object to cast shadows... Haven't had the time to try it, could be slow...
    Whatever, good luck with your game!