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Yeah, Crazyninjaguy's the scripter, not tile artist xD

Update on update:
The sidequest pikarich mentioned will be included in the update (a description of it only, not screens) along with revamps of Kindle woods, Kindlewood town and Larcoon town. I've also just completed the heros home town, so that'll be there. The male main character has nearly been finished, I'm just waiting for the final edit to be sent to me by nimmy23. The maps on the front page will be replaced by in-game screenshots. And I'm sure you'll all really like the new menu interface.

Update on demo:
The game has now past the planning stages and I'm seriously starting work on the demo now. A lot of the maps are already completed for it, only one more town and two routes are needed. The gym leader sprites, female main character and proffessor need sprited. And of course all of the eventing and building interiors needs done. The demo will include the first three gyms, expect it in a couple months.

For now, a teaser screen (at nightime), forgive the default sprite:

Why is it blue?!

Demo Beta out Now!