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    Release Date of Pokémon Raptor EX: 05/02/2010
    That's right; the release date is finally set for the 5th of February! The 10 contest winners, as promised, will get it on the 3rd instead!

    So, why did it get delayed for so long? It was announced 2 months ago!
    It's because the number of features has been greatly increased!

    Originally, EX was just going to be the same as the original, but with bug fixes and the Torxia League finished. However, over time, it's become much more.

    Last time, I showcased some of the areas you can go to after you complete the main game. This time, I'll show some improvements accessible even before you complete it (and a few more post-game features). Warning: lots of screenshots ahead!

    Right from the start, you can access this change - two new options in the Option menu! You can customise the battle music that plays when you fight a wild Pokémon or trainer!

    The mining minigame has been updated with a level selection feature! No longer are the items at level 8 inaccessible once you get to level 9!

    New NPCs have been added that give you items; this one trades you type-boosting items for Heart Scales (which are now mineable)!

    If you don't feel like trading your Heart Scales for items, try out the new Move Relearner! Previously unlearnable moves, such as Torterra's Wood Hammer, can now be learned!

    The Pokémon Communications Center isn't just a fancy name... you can trade Pokémon with other players of Raptor EX! This means that trade-evolving Pokémon get their old evolution methods back (with a few changes); you'd better find someone to help you out soon!

    The second feature of the Communications Center is the team corner! You can choose a trainer avatar and battle music to represent your team, and share it with other people!

    But teams aren't just to look at... If you're feeling lucky, take on a computer-controlled version of your friends!

    The final function of the Communications Center is the Mystery Gift corner! Download rare Pokémon with exclusive moves and items!

    Migrate Pokémon from your old Pokémon Raptor saves, and enjoy the Pal Park minigame! You can also transfer your items!

    But most anticipated of all...

    Unleash powerful new moves against your foes! That's right, Raptor EX has the vast majority of Diamond and Pearl attacks coded and ready to be used!

    Just make sure you don't end up on the receiving end...

    Not only are the new moves in, but Diamond and Pearl's stunning new abilities can also be used! Witness the allure of Darkrai's Bad Dreams; your opponent won't be able to do a thing after a Dark Void!

    Marvel at the power of Arceus's Judgment! With its brand-new Plate Shield ability, combined with the weakness-less Divine type, Arceus is more powerful than ever before!

    But what about the post-game things I mentioned?

    The Torxia League houses a few familiar faces...

    A battle against... yourself? A nightmare scenario?

    Okay, there is definitely something strange going on...

    Well, that just about wraps it up. Stay tuned, for in less than 3 weeks, all this is going to be yours to play!
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