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    Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
    I see all these great looking games in the showcase, and then a black and white game in the red/blue stlye blows me away! I really like the style of the 1st gen, never knew I did before this.
    I'll try to download the demo (still getting to grips with windows 7) and if it works I'll edit this.
    Aw, thanks man! I'm glad I can inspire people by doing something different!

    The latest build has now replaced the old demo, so download it if you want. Nothing much has changed, but all the orginal bugs are gone. It has a preview of the battle system that can be accessed by pressing N, if you wanna try that out. It only works once right now. If you press 5 you can try Route 1, with opening/lowering bridges, also unfinished. And if you press 0, you can try playing as the main character you will eventually become. And the font is now from D/P.

    Main goals right now:

    • Rework the conversation system to include typewriter-style text, like in the original. This will require me to change the system from the ground up.
    • This will also incluse cleaning up the conversations, with the text carried in a .ini file and the events stored within every character. This will make future development easier and faster.
    • Build a solid system for story events, that will not require redoing everything each time.
    • Finish up the battle system to where it's functional but nothing more. HP x2, two attacks, and turns. Basics for now.
    • Cleaning up the code to where I can actually understand what I've done. This is a must if the game is to remain bug-free for any future amount of time, this will be a major headscratcher.
    After this is done, i can finally put my story ideas into action. And here's a screen from the battle with RATTATA!

    Stay tuned for later this week, I should have time to sit down with in wednesday-thursday.