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    Hey i wouldnt mind being an external helper man =D, i read early on that you're bad at naming towns O_o

    well i like Sinister as a town name o.O but only if you plan not to go so kiddish with it. It can be dark town full of emos and the surrounding area can be a hot spot for dark element pokemon.

    Think outside the box.

    if you do want my help. then just IM [email protected]

    but i must let you know X.x

    -I do what i can when I can
    -I'm not joining the project team, so I will maintain my free schedule
    -I need credit for what I do =3

    things im really good at
    -AI programming (through eventing)
    -System Programming (through eventing)
    -I can draw but I rarely draw for others, and even rarer for free =/
    -writing (but not for people under the age of 16, im a very dark writer)
    -Idealist (i think outside the box like the creators of Assassin Creed II)

    again only if you want the extra side help

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