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Small Update:

Some changes to bitmap exports and the size changes (sizes need to be multiples of eight)
Palette format is different: all sprite palettes (that exist for OW's) are available, but in hex format now...
Displays more info in advanced mode
Now accepts an optional settings.ini file (which has to be located in the same directory as NSE)

        Inherits: "Original Game header, without quotes"
        Start offset = "The start of the sprite table, without quotes"
        Start palette = "The start of the sprite palette table, without quotes"
Inherits: BPRE
Start offset = &H367C38
Start palette = &H3A5158
Inherits: << is mandatory, the rest is voluntary.
There's no limit to how many "pointer tables" you have in the file, as long as they follow the format(Capitalization does not matter)

Also the re-size bug has been acknowledged and I'm working as fast as I can to fix it...
The bug seems to be with the "unknown" information needing to be changed, but to different values in different tables, which change with the different roms!!!!
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