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    Name: Scythe Rainer

    Arena Name: The Contender

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    History: Scythe was born in the Johto region along with a twin brother named Grecko. Their father was an exceptional trainer and was very well known. When the two turned eight, their father decided to open up his own training gym in Kanto and so the family moved. The gym was opened and trainers from the Kanto region came to battle Scythe's father everyday. Scythe and Grecko would watch the battles and learn something new from each of them. At the age of eleven the boys were given a pokemon by their father. Scythe got a Cyndaquil and Grecko got a Totodile. A few weeks after they went on a training expedition until something went wrong. The three were jumped by a man in all black riding on a ryhorn. Scythe's father told them to run and so they did.

    As fate would have it though Grecko slipped and fell off the side of the cliff, Scythe barley managing to grab his hand. Scythe was not strong enough to pull his brother up and so Grecko gave him his Totodile as he released his hand. Scythe walked back to where his father was but the man was no where to be seen. Scythe wondered back home hoping his dad was there, but he wasn't. He found his mom and told her everything. After everything had been worked out, Scythe decided to take over his father's gym.He trained in the gym for four years until he heard news that his dad was spotted in Sinnoh. He said goodbye to his mom, close the gym, and left to look for his missing dad. In four years Scythe had no luck locating his father, but he has become a great and pretty well known trainer. He hopes by doing so his father may notice it and look for him.
    Personality: Scythe is a good hearted person who tries to do the best he can all the time. He will never pass up an opportunity to help someone, although sometimes he just gets in the way. Even though he his good hearted, Scythe will do anything to get what he wants. He has a strong will and can not be easily dismayed.

    Appearance: Scythe is short for his age standing at only 5' 5, but he is in good shape. Wears a black tee shirt and old blue jeans. Wears an old green jacket that used to belong to his father. His hair is spikey with a golden tip in the front.

    1. Typhlosion - was Scythes first pokemon and has become his best friend. He is Scythes favorite to use in battle, and the two get along greatly.
    Moves - Swift, Defense Curl, Flamethrower, rollout.

    2. Croconaw - belonged to Scythe's twin brother Grecko. Because of this Scythe doesn't like to use Croconaw in battle which is why it has yet to evolve into Feraligater.
    Moves - Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Thrash.

    3. Staraptor - On his way back to Johto Scythe came along an injured Starly. He healed the Starly and helped it get back on it's feet. The Starly decided to stay with him, but hates to leave his side when out of the pokeball. Is very attached to Scythe and wouldn't let him get hurt.
    Moves - Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Whirlwind.

    4. Primeape - is a very feisty pokemon, and loves to contradict Scythe. Because of it's feistyness the two get into often confrontations, which are eventually ended by one of the other pokemon.
    Moves - Karate Chop, Seismic Toss, Assurance, Cross Chop.

    5. Luxray - A reliable pokemon, that Scythe was given by an elderly couple in sinnoh. Luxray has helped Scythe win countless battles and a few contest.
    Moves - Spark, Swagger, Crunch, Thunder Fang.

    Hobbies: Mostly any kind of sports, and pokemon battling. Loves to relax and go fishing once in a while. Training pokemon in odd ways as compared to just battling.

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    On the community very often and once I start an rp I always intend to finish.

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