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Hello... ever wondered how hard it was to loop music, or insert it? And how sometimes Sappy won't let you assemble that ugly thing? I am here to make your life easier... Let's get started! The tools you need are:

AnvilStudio - Link
Sappy 2005
HackMew's thumb.bat Link
HackMew's Free Space Finder (optional)

Part 1: Separating the tracks
1. Open up your midi file that you would like to insert with AnvilStudio

2. You will see all your tracks. Delete every single one EXCEPT the first one. Then do Save Song, and save it as track1.

3. Repeat step 2, except this time delete every single track except the second one. Keep doing this for every track, until you have all tracks saved as separate files, named track1, track2, track3, etc..

4. Drag thumb.bat into the same folder as Mid2Agb or vice versa.

5. Drag the tracks you saved with AnvilStudio into the same folder that Mid2Agb and thumb.bat are located. Convert them all into .s files by dragging each track on the mid2agb file.

Part 2: Looping
1. Open up Notepad. Make sure you enable "All Files". Then open up your track1.s file. You should see something similar to this.

2. Right under where it says "@ 000 -------------", put this:
"Name of the .s file"_1_loop:

3. Now scroll down, and near the bottom you should see: .byte FINE. Before that, put:
.byte GOTO
.word "Name of the .s file"_1_loop
.byte W06

4. Congratulations, you just looped your first track. Now repeat the whole procedure for EVERY .s file you have.

Part 3: Inserting
1. Now press Start, Run, and then type in cmd. If you're using Vista or Windows 7, just press Start and type in cmd.

2. Now copy the name of your folder where your .s files are located. If you're using Vista or Windows 7, you have to click on the top first, and then the directory will appear.

3.Now back to cmd, type in CD. Press space. Then press paste. Then type in:
thumb.bat "Name of the .s file".s "Name of the .s file".bin

(make sure you have a space between thumb.bat and sfile.bin)

4. Do this for all of your .s files.

5. Now open up Sappy, and select the song you want to replace. Click import, and import all of your .bin files.

6. Congratulations, you just looped and inserted music!

Other notes:
*When you're editing your .s files, the line where you put "Name of the .s file"_1_loop: determines where the song loops. If you want it to loop at a specific spot, put it under a different measure number (001, 002, 003).

*After you import the .bin files, Sappy might crash if you try to play it. If it crashes again after opening it, then use the Free Space Finder to find a new offset to place your first track in.

*If your music sounds crappy, then find a voicegroup from a song that sounds similar. If you can't do that, then export your tracks, and then open them with a hex editor. Right after the BD byte is the instrument that it plays. Edit the byte after BD to change the instrument.
Magnius for the list
Full metal for teaching me an easier way how to insert music
Clone25 for the looping tutorial
Full metal for the Css again :p
Chaos rush for simplicating this tutorial :)

kawa for making sappy 2005
Linkandzelda for giving megiddo sappy 2005 then he gave me sappy 2005 xD

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